Book Review: “Technology To Business: The Invisible Gap” by Harish C. Rijhwani

The actual cover of the book, Technology to Business: Invisible Gap

Book Name: Technology to Business: Invisible Gap

Author Name:  Harish C. Rijhwani

Book Published on Date: April 30th, 2020

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This book is a record of his insight on various relative topics that he studied about, in Integrated Marketing sessions during his MBA years. As he has mentioned in the book, it is an extended version of his journal.

We all use terms like market, customer demand, competition, PR (public relations), TRP, GRP, USP, and so on, without even realizing the importance of these subjects. From both technology and business point of view, it is crucial to understand these concepts. Harish has shared his in-depth analysis of these concepts. He has explained the different factors that we need to consider. An important aspect that he has highlighted is that behind every marketing strategy, we must understand the mindset of the consumers.

Technology and marketing enthusiasts can enjoy this book. Harish has taken special care to explain the technical words or phrases in simpler terms. With simple examples, he had explained every concept required to understand the process to make a product or service or idea successful. The reference of certain products that have become extinct brought back a sense of nostalgia. Product or brand pictures, statistical evidence, or infographics used for supporting his explanations, along with a touch of humor in his narration, made this book an enjoyable read.

Even if a chapter starts with a new topic or idea, you don’t get disrupted, as he brings back your train of thought to the track by giving a short backstory of the examples he is using.

I feel I have learned so much about the unique inventions which we would have overlooked otherwise. For example, in one section, Harish discusses the modes of communication and its evolution process. He shared a considerable amount of details while keeping us engaged in his effortless narrative style. He made sure that his book is the one-stop for all information related to the topics he had covered.

In this book, Harish has shared a few of his memories, which make us realize that this book is very close to his heart.

Irrespective of a few negligible errors, this is a well-written book. From the book cover until the last chapter, it lives up to expectations.

Originally published on Medium

Date: 11 June 2020.

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