The Snail through The Seasons

A poem

Photo by Valeriia Miller from Pexels

The snail kept crawling through the seasons.
He never stopped cause he always found reasons.

He found reasons to move on,
He found reasons to look beyond.
He found reasons to be strong,
He knew this is where he did belong.

He knew he was slow,
But he didn’t let that make his soul feel low.
That’s how he was born,
And there was nothing in him wrong.

He would travel through the winter snow,
Crawling slowly to spring , enjoying the refreshing breeze flow.
Then step into summer heat,
Accepting the challenge with a smiling greet.
Even before he knew, he was crawling in the monsoon rain,
Singing the rhythm of nature, and realizing this journey had not gone in vain.

And while his soul was still moving in trance,
He could feel the beautiful autumn leaves dance;
In the song of nature, in the song of his soul,
Making him feel worthy of this life and his existence in whole!

Copyright © 2020 Debbie. All rights reserved

Originally published on Medium

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