Is freelancing a risk worth taking?

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The Struggle is real.

The biggest challenge for people who have worked for quite a good number of years in the service industry is to accept the new work culture of freelancing. The fixed hours of shift, the requirement to attain the predefined targets, though become monotonous, it is compensated by a hefty paycheck at the month-end regularly. However, we lose our peace of mind in the process.

Freelancing — The real deal!

Freelancing is a kind of recess, or maybe I should say it gives us a taste of freedom. When you earn money because of your passion, then all the demotivation from the surrounding people don’t matter anymore.

Freelance content writing or fundamentally, any other freelancing jobs are the most sought-after career path recently. It would be a lie to say freelancing is easy. It takes way more than just having a flair in doing what you like. You have talent, good for you! But that won’t fetch your growth in this career path. Speaking of which, this is only true when you seriously want to pursue your passion as a career. The challenge comes when you are planning for a switch to an industry that differs from your previous one.

Despite your years of experience, you are somewhat starting over.

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So how to go about it?

Listen to your intuition. No, not exactly!

  • Get a mentor. I agree with your understanding of the corporate world. However, presently, the important part is to learn the tricks of the trade.
  • Don’t give up hope. It might take time because you need to reach out to the right set of people at the right time. Maybe you will fail in the first couple of times. But it’s okay. There is always a next time.
  • Use resources efficiently. Your experience has already given you the benefit of being acquainted with so many people. As experienced personnel, you already have contacts who might be the help that you never expected.
  • Lastly, never let your ego barge in. Despite your experience in the corporate world, don’t forget that you are a rookie in this new role. So be open to suggestions from people irrespective of their age, gender, background. Remember that ultimately, the choice is yours to filter the relevant advice.

Hence, be smart!

To all the fellow freelancers, who decided to make a career switch at a later stage, “It is now or never!”

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