Is Social Media Toxic or are the people?

Toxic Social media

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Is Social Media toxic?

I guess not. It’s the people who make the platform unbearably painful. I mean, if you remove Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, do you think that will stop people from sharing their opinion? Specifically, negative opinion manages to find its way to the masses. 

When we didn’t have internet, we still had people who found fault in everything and everyone in the universe. Also, they would influence people to agree with their opinion. Unfortunately, such people have existed for centuries. Just that, now they have access to the internet to spread hate.

Recently, on every platform, in the name of the right to free speech, people are encouraging toxic behavior with their words. There have always existed two sides to every story or situation. However, now the one with a better social media reach is more successful at being audible in the world.

The genuineness or credibility of the source of information is of the least significance provided it caters to the curiosity of the viewers or readers. These people, who are advocating against bullying or toxicity, are the ones who cyberbully anyone not supporting their ideology and justify their action as freedom of speech or thought.

Hate comment or argue

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And definitely, the term “trending” has given an invisible power in the hands of ordinary people, giving them the ability to alter any situation positively or negatively.

Our current generation has got access to the internet from a very young age. As a parent of a three-year-old, my biggest concern is the mentality of the future world that my kid will be exposed to when he grows up. Cyberbullying has become a dreadful reality that has cost many people their lives. Death threats on comments, trolling people, harassing them for their opinion, using offensive language while commenting, are a few of the examples, which shows that people are using social media as a medium to express their inhuman mentality. The lack of proper understanding of the meaning of cyberbullying seems to be the biggest issue. 

So what can we do to avoid being an active contributor to cyberbullying?

  • First, we should understand the consequences of our online behavior. 
  • Before rushing into judgment with viral information, we should do our part of the research and analyze the situation, if we want to share our opinion.
  • Finally, we should consciously avoid being a part of the hate-mongering crowd, and make social media a more positive platform for our kids and future generations.

It is easier to spread hate than think logically and find a peaceful solution. Hence, if we have to break this chain of toxic behavior in social media, instead of blaming others, we should concentrate on spreading positivity.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

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