How I survived this summer 2020!

A log from my Pandemic (COVID-19) Diary
Pandemic new normal life

Copyright © , 2020

I noticed many social media posts talking about how effectively they spent their time during this pandemic situation or how annoyed they were with these sudden restrictions. Even I felt obligated to share my experience, not a moral obligation, but a rather social media obligation.

“Jack of all trades, master of none

For an adult, my attention span is lesser than that of a child. I fit in with the group of individuals who can manage everything but loses interest within a few days of pursuing that newly gained passion. Believe me or not, as a mother, I devote all my energy to instill the qualities of commitment and diligence in my child. Why would I do that? Because I realize how it feels when we are good at something, for example, music, painting, writing, etc. but master none of them. We understand that no excuse is enough to make us disregard reality. The regret is that we have the talent, but when we had the moment, we were too apathetic to appreciate our skills.

Every moment is a fresh beginning.


This period of social distancing and lockdown provided me ample time to reflect, regret, resent, likewise stay motivated, else excited for being able to spend endless hours with my family. It’s like every day, presses a specific emotion button in my brain, and activates it. However, these unusual mood fluctuations during my stay-at-home period helped me to focus on the incomplete tasks. At least, I can vouch that I haven’t wasted these few months by lazing around. I have garnered more knowledge on subjects of interests and have read works of some brilliant authors, which were in my reading list since God knows when. To keep myself entertained, I have watched shows of all languages (thanks to subtitles!) and have listened to various genres of music. I have dedicated considerable time to writing instead of just thinking. Above all, I have loved every minute of being the playmate of my three-year-old and not to forget, implementing various strategies to home-school our little one.

Keep calm and carry on.

Winston Churchill

Overall, we may say that I have accomplished and learned more during this pandemic than I have managed in my entire existence.


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