A COMING OF AGE TALE by David Burton
Original Book Cover - Girl at Sea: A Coming of Age Tale
Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy Thriller
Original Book Cover – Girl at Sea: A Coming of Age Tale

Book Name: Girl At Sea : A Coming of Age Tale

Author Name:  David Burton

Book Published on Date: April 23rd, 2020

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Thriller

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Girl at Sea: A coming of age tale by David Burton is an urban fantasy thriller novel. This story is about Beth Portman, an enthusiastic 14-year-old girl from San Diego, who sails across the Pacific Ocean with Silas Tuft, a retired SEAL, and owner of the sailboat named Montegar. 

“It’s said that bad memories prepare you for life. If so, we’re ready. If I hadn’t met Silas, I wouldn’t have any memories any different than any ordinary eighteen-year-old girl. If I hadn’t met Silas, there’s a good chance I’d be dead. Funny how things work out.”

Beth Portman

Initially, Beth joins Silas for experiencing the thrills of sailing. However, this journey changes her life forever when she loses both her parents in a fire back in their hometown. As a minor with no immediate relatives to be her legal guardian, Beth moves in with her best friend, Judy Winehouse. But feeling uncomfortable because of Judy’s father, Mr. Joseph Winehouse’s attitude toward her and his family, she flees and joins Silas on his voyage. 

“Death followed us, driving us where it wanted for its own purposes.”

“The burden of our curse, the albatross around our necks, weighed heavier with each casualty of our acquaintance.”

Beth Portman

During the subsequent four years, the duo somehow indirectly gets involved in bringing death and tragedy to the lives of the people who cross paths with them. How far will she go to get rid of the curse of death and sadness, following her in the form of an Albatross? 

The incidents take place at different locations in several countries around the Pacific Ocean wherever the Montegar dropped anchor. We get a glimpse into the life of a mariner and the many perils of the sea. I felt the author did a remarkable job of fairly portraying the varying types of human personalities by providing a backstory to explain their reasoning.

We see how, because of circumstance, Beth gradually transforms from a naive, carefree young girl to a woman who is intuitive and ready to take risks. Likewise, Silas, who had lost his daughter and wife in the past, develops an uncommon bond of trust with Beth. The author has beautifully portrayed the evolving relationship between Silas and Beth.

The narrative style is eloquent and engaging. A considerable part of the incidents is in flashback. These momentary glimpses of the past of each character make their emotional scenes or dialogues effectual. The unpredictable plot twists keep the readers at the edge of their seats until the climax. The scenic beauty of the sites is a treat for all who fancy sailing or exploring new locations. 

Though there are a few grammatical errors, the impressive storytelling manages to overshadow it. The plot includes a balanced proportion of suspense, joy, grief, humor, horror, and adventure, thus making this one a perfect read for urban fantasy thriller enthusiasts. However, strong language, graphic fight sequences, mention of topics like drug usage, sexual and domestic abuse makes this book suitable for a mature audience.

Overall, I highly recommend this one!

Copyright, 2020

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