BOOK REVIEW: Who’s Inside that Hat?

Young kids often get easily intimidated by new people, and they make assumptions based on their outward appearances. Hence, as parents or caregivers, we should take special care to make the kids realize that every individual is different, and it is futile to hold any prejudice against them for being different.



This book is an urban fantasy thriller novel that narrates the journey of Beth Portman, an enthusiastic 14-year-old girl from San Diego, who sails across the Pacific Ocean with Silas Tuft, a retired SEAL, and owner of the sailboat named Montegar. However, during the subsequent four years of her voyage, her life changes completely, as death follows them wherever they go. Without realizing the purpose of the series of events, which hardly seem coincidental, she somehow indirectly gets involved in affecting the lives of the people who cross paths with her or Silas. How far will she go to get rid of the curse of death and sadness, following her in the form of an Albatross?

BOOK REVIEW: The Juicy Fruit Man

The story is about Declan Noakes, a Vietnam veteran, who gets into Thai Marijuana smuggling as a small-time drug dealer, but he wants to leave all this behind and tread the path of honesty. However, some people do not share the same opinion. While the cops and goons are equally chasing Declan to get their hands on Marijuana, his favorite cousin, Rachel, involuntarily gets involved in this chaos. The story thus narrates the repercussions of Declan’s past choices and the ultimate turn of events. How far will Declan go to save the people who matter?