Parenting is a challenge!

How much is too much?
A question for which none of us has the exact answer.

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As a first-time parent, we are always struggling to find balance. Trying to find the precise amount of knowledge to share with our little ones, the correct moral values to teach, and the proper amount of nutrition to give, to grow them up properly.

But the fact is that all this is circumstantial. Hence, we should not follow any suggestion as a hard and fast rule.

Unfortunately, we all consciously or subconsciously try to fit in the herd and force our kids to do the same. The mistake is in considering the perfect parenting moments of others as a point of reference.

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When we see another three-year-old being able to solve a puzzle with no help, we try our best to make our little ones capable of doing the same.

I am no exception!

Is it necessary? No.
Do we know that it is unnecessary? Yes.
Do we work on being more compassionate towards our kids and stop forcing them to live up to our expectations? Maybe not.

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Before the kids are born, we plan that we will let them grow on their terms. However, after their birth, step by step every year, we push them towards adapting to the unnatural societal standards.

So what can we do differently to break this vicious cycle?

First of all, we should change our thinking process. We should help them explore their curious and creative minds.

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Let them enjoy these moments. Because, eventually, they will have to face the harsh world. These happy memories will make them emotionally stronger.

My dad always says that children are like clay dolls. They turn out the way we mold them.

Hence, let’s help them recognize their worth as an individual, so they don’t get lost in the crowd.

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